By: Hailey J. Stewart

Media Connections:

I've found three examples of art, movies, television shows, etc. that compares and contrasts to the novel Matched. The movie Divergent, The Netflix television show Fuller House, and a picture of Matched

Movie Connections

In movies Divergent and Matched both of the main characters go on the same journey to destroy their government. In the beginning Tris and Cassia both feel safe in their government and they have no worries, until Tris finds out she's a Divergent/Cassia sees Ky and Xander on her matched card. After those events both their life's are flipped up side down. After a while they team up with their partner/boyfriend who decides to help them take down their government.

Their are a few differences, like Tris had a choice of what faction to pick, Cassia doesn't have that choice like Tris. Cassia could have picked Xander and everything would have been fine, Tris couldn't have done that because the government would have still gone along with their plan.

Fuller House:

In Fuller House one of main characters DJ, has two choose between two guys. Throughout the season she's faced with a love triangle, between two guys. Steve who she's known all her life and she even dated him in high school or Matt her co-worker who she's quickly fallen in love with. This love triangle is just like the one in Matched. Cassia has to choose between Xander who is her best friend and Match or Ky who Cassia has quickly fallen in love with.

There are still a few differences, like how DJ is a adult and Cassia is still a teenager. Their both totally different people with a different problems and a different life style. Maybe the most important difference is that DJ's love triangle didn't affect her life at all, because in the end she was still DJ.

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Picture Connection:

I've found this picture of Cassia and Ky being trapped in bubbles, I think the picture represents the Society keeping Ky and Cassia in two different "worlds". The more the Society tries, the more Ky and Cassia fall in love.

There is only one difference. The book didn't talk about Ky being trapped in the "bubble" the book only talked about Cassia being trapped in the "bubble" and trying to break out.