Copyright and Fair Use

By: Madeleine Bertz and Karma Alhamwi


An attribution is credit given to a someone who owns copyrighted material. These issues may come up in plagiarism cases.

Creative Common License

Creative Common License is a license that allows a creator to publicly share their work, without breaking the law.

Public Domain

Public domain is available to the public and not subject to copyright.

Fair Use

Fair use outlines a legal doctrine that gives someone the opportunity to use copyrighted material without


Copyright is an exclusive legal right given to a creator to reproduce their work.

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is someone who uses technology to partake in current events in society.

Free Image Websites

How to Know if an Online Image is Copyrighted

It will have a copyright symbol and date or a watermark. also, if you aren't sure, you can check the website that it comes from.