Secret Service Changes

By: Kelli Bridgeman and Keera Stanley


Today the secret service protects the President, and the Vice president and their families. Also former presidents, their children under 16, and their spouses for life. Visiting heads of foreign states or government and their spouses (Prince William and Kate Middleton), candidates, other individuals appointed by President, and the National Special Security Events (NSSEs) are additionally protected as well.


4 top secret service executives were fired Tuesday night and 2 retired because of failure to properly make accurate decisions which lead to erosion of the quality of this once elite agency. The 4 fired were in charge of overlooking the Secret Service's core missions of protection, investigations, technology, and public affairs.

This video kind of explains what and where some of these dangerous mistakes happened. (brief summary-short video)


4 executives were fired on Tuesday night while the 2 retiring announce last month they were going to leave after they hit the mandatory retirement age of 57.


This is extremely important because 6 of the 8 assistant directors are leaving and now they are bringing new blood into the system. This is the biggest management shake up at the troubled agency since its director resigned in October after a string of security lapses.

Effects on America

Now if any problem or event arises then any new members don't have the experience and/or knowledge to preserve things from happening.


The only real solution we could come up with is to just hire new people to fill their spots and hope that everything will work out. The 4 members that were fired were obviously fired for a reason so losing them honestly will help us in the long run anyways.
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