Red-Tailed Hawks

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The Red-Tailed hawk.

Hi, today I am going to tell you about a hawk. This is not any hawk, it is a hawk with a red tail; called the red-tailed hawk. The Red-tailed hawks colors are brown for back side, light grey for the inside and a dark red-tailed. There are three names for the red-tailed hawk. The first one is red hawk. The second one is Buzzard hawk. The final name is Buteo Jamaicensis, which is the scientific name. Did you know that red-tailed hawks are 18 to 26 in (45 to 65 cm) and their wing span is 38 to 43 in (1.1 to 1.3 m). Now that you know a little about the red-tailed hawk I will show you about their eating habits.

What do Red-Tailed hawks eat?

Red-tailed hawks eat many different types of animals. They especially like small mammals, rodents, birds, reptiles, insects, copper head birds and rattles snakes. The most common prey the red-tailed hawk eats is the mouse. Also there is a special way that hawks find and eat their food.

Step 1: They perch in a open area.

Step 2: When they see the food or animal they swoop down to it.

Step 3: They dig their talons into the animal.

Step 4: They fly back to their nest with their prey.

Step 5: They give the food to their baby’s and teach them to rip the animal apart and eat it. If they do not have babies the adult rips the animal into pieces to eat it.

They rip their food to pieces so they can fit the small portions in their mouth.

Food Web/Food Chain

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Where Red-Tailed Hawks Live

So you must be wondering where do red-tailed hawks live? One word THE WORLD. Well did that help at all? Fine, I will tell you. The red-tailed hawk lives in three different places. The first place a red-tailed hawk lives is a continent called Eurasia. The second place is a continent called Africa. The final place the red-tailed hawk lives is the Western Hemisphere, which includes North and South America. The red-tailed hawk also likes to occupy open areas so they can spy on there prey.

Western Hemisphere

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Now I will tell you 5 facts about the red-tailed hawk.

1. Did you know that the claws on a hawk are called talons?

2. That the female lays the eggs but the male and female incubate the eggs.

3. Did you know that the female red-tailed hawks are bigger then the male?

4. One thing that I think is cool is that a red-tailed hawks eyes are too big to move in their sockets so they have to move their head to look around.

5. The final fact that I have, which will be the last thing, is a red-tailed hawk can live up to 21 years old. The oldest red-tailed hawk that is still alive and is 30 years old.

Now to finsh my project I will ask you some questions to see if your were listing to win prizes and show you what a red-tailed hawks sound like.


Red-Tailed Hawk by Talon545