The Amazing Snowboader Brad Martin

Team Canada

brith and childhood

Brad martin is 27 years old. He was born in August 12 1986. his birthplace in Hamilton Ontario. when brad 16 months old he learn how to ski .When brad is skiing, he would go to a place and ski, but the place was cademed. when was young, he would ski race with his brother.Brad martin traveled a lot for races and got to see a lot of different ski places around southern Ontario.

goals and accomplishments

Brad martin accomplishments are he is a two time Olympian, 3rd place at shack down, 5 world cup medals,Canadian junior title and 3 time Canadian national titles. What brad martin only has one goal to be in the Sochi Olympics.

role modal

Brad martin dose not have a role modal, but a place called Jay Peak Vermont made him inserted in snowboarding. that's why he want to be in the Olympics.

interisting facts

When brad martin is not snowboarding, he likes to do is dirt biking, surfing , sledding, baseball and skateboarding. brad enjoy eating is pizza and sushi.