First Grade News

Mrs. Clyde - Room 8 - Issue No.20

Clyde's Corner

I hope your family enjoys the mid-winter break this week. I wanted to send out the newsletter today with some photos from this last week.


100th Day of School

We celebrated the 100th Day of School on Friday. All week kids shared their 100th Day Projects during sharing time. Then on Friday we did 100th Day centers with the 2 other first grade classrooms. Kids had the opportunity to play math games, make a 100th Day book and picture, and make a 100th Day tally mark hat. The funniest thing I heard at the end of the day was when one student from Room 8 said to a friend, "We didn't even do math today!" They were so busy counting to 100 in lots of different ways they didn't even realize they were "doing math" as they call it. Lots of fun with real life math in first grade!

Below is a picture of our 100th day Tally Mark Hats! Kids counted by 5's making tally marks and then made groups of 10.

Valentine's Day

Thank you for helping to make our Valentine's Day a fun celebration of friendship. It is one of my favorite days in first grade. Kids get so excited about giving their friends a valentine. We had a wonderful afternoon passing out valentines, opening them up, and enjoying some treats together.

Mark Your Calendars

Feb.17 - 21 - Mid Winter Break

Feb. 25th - Science Night

Feb. 28th - Popcorn Day & Class Store