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Liz has some great news to share

A Look at March and a Look Ahead at April

Hello All you Beautiful ladies and Gents,

I hope you had an awesome Month of March! I know I Did! In this newsletter we will discuss the highlights of last month and discuss the upcoming events for this month!

But first I would like to start by saying that since the last time I have seen some of you, you have had some of your friends and/or family members join my team. I am so happy to have them as my designers, with that being said those designers might have now become your new Origami Owl Locket Lady!!!! How awesome!!!! Your new designer and I are part of a team; so, if there is anything in this newsletter that you see that you love or have questions about please contact them, they would be so happy to help you. As for my direct clients and friends, please feel free to contact me at anytime with any questions ( all my information can be found in this newsletter). We look forward to hearing from you!

Highlights from March

Marleny's Launch Party

Welcome to my Team!

My Spring Launch

a Look at the Spring Launch

If you would like to be invited to future events please contact me to join my VIP Group.

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VIP NEWS! Recap of March!

Thank you to my VIP Ladies and Gents.

During March we celebrated the launching of the spring collection! All VIPs and Clients who purchased from my spring launch party received a raffle to purchase the hostess exclusive at half price! They also received a 10% off coupon for the months of April and May!!!

We have had fun motivating, sharing tips, sharing accessory ideas, being grateful together, earning free merchandise, sharing surprises, being social and celebrating national holidays!

Looking Ahead at April

This April we have launched our Mother's Day collection oh and what a beautiful collection it is!! Please note some of these pieces are *Limited Edition* and are only available while supplies lasts

My VIPs and I are also nominating beautiful women for a special gift (from me). all nominees will be entered in a raffle to win this very special gift. Deadline to submit a woman is April 21. All nominees will also receive a special gift from me.

Origami Owl also announced that the Origami Owl Convention will kick off in Epcot!!! That's right in Epcot! They also released some wonderful incentives to get the designers to convention!! contact me if you would like to join the team or have any questions about what Origami Owl has to offer!

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The Beautiful Locket I will be giving to a special woman for Mother's Day

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Gifts for Mom

Saturday, April 16th, 6pm

This is an online event.

Facebook event to help EVERYONE shop for mom, their wives or the women they love! contact me to join the fun!!