The skeletal System

by Mathew Cao

What is the weakest bone?

The weakest bone is the collar bone.

What is the shortest bone?

The weakest bone is the Stapes bone

What is heaviest and strongest bone?

It is the femur.The femur is the heviest and strongest bone in the body.

What is the bones made of?

Bones are made of cells and living parts of your body.

How many bones are there in our body?

There are 206 bones in our body.

Why do we need bones?

We need bones to help us move. Without bones we wouldn't be able to control our body.

What is the most important bone in our body?

It is the cranium because it protect the brain. Without the cranium the brain will fall out and we wouldn't be walking or thinking anymore.

How much does a bone weigh?

It weigh roughly about 10 kilograms.

Below is a picture of all the bones in your body

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