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Published by Saginaw Intermediate School District 12/19/2018

Over $6 Million Marshall Plan for Talent Grant Dollars Awarded to Michigan’s M-46 Talent Consortium, a Partnership between Muskegon ISD and Saginaw ISD

SAGINAW, MICHIGAN – Over $6 million of Governor Snyder’s Marshall Plan for Talent grant dollars were awarded to Michigan’s M-46 Talent Consortium. Formed in early 2018, the consortium is a partnership between Muskegon Intermediate School District (Muskegon ISD) and Saginaw Intermediate School District (Saginaw ISD) which includes 72 business partners, nonprofit organizations, service agencies, and local school districts committed to developing local talent. Over half of consortium partners are located right here in Saginaw County.

“We want to thank all of our partners for their commitment to the M-46 Talent Consortium! Their willingness to work together on solving the talent gap in such a comprehensive manner, is unprecedented! Together, we will be able to prepare students with the skill sets and work-based learning/career awareness experiences that are needed to excel in the workforce,” says Jenny Geno, Director of CTE for the Saginaw ISD. “The similarities between our counties made it easy for our partners to unite. There is strength in numbers and with over 70 partners at the table, anything is possible.”

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