Summer in Mexico

Summer 2k15

Physical motion In Mexico

My trip to Mexico was related to Physical motion because I went to the Veracruz beach and got to see the living animals inside the ocean, the weather was tropical in the high 90's. I also went to Teotihuacan to see the pyramids in Mexico It was very hot until you climbed the whole pyramid and reached the very top it was very windy because you're up high in the sky.

The most interesting part of my vacation.

The most interesting part of my vacation was climbing the Pyramids in Teoticucan because there was a lot of stairs that the ancient warriors build. I was very tired but I had a fun experience!

Three things you should know about me.

I have two brothers and one of them went to Oak Grove, his name was Lisandro Cordova.

I have 3 dogs, a yorkie terrier tea cups,king charles spaniel cavalier and a bulldog.

My favorite food is Lasagna.