Whitley Road Elementary School

Week 30, April 11 - 15, 2016

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  • Amy @ Admin - PM


  • Amy @ Feeder Pattern Meeting - AM
  • Tiffany Neal here during planning - meet in data room
  • "Pay It Forward" Lunch from Pollo Tropical



  • STAR Showcase (need volunteers) - Life Principle Focus - SERVICE - choose 1 boy & 1 girl from each grade level
  • Early Release - Noon
  • PM Professional Development 1:00 - 3:00 - Plan with your team
  • PTA Carnival - 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
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News from your Principal -

~Feedback for Erb, Rodriguez & Smythe due by April 29th.

~Feedback for Hill due by May 16th.

~Reminder for K, 1 & 2 Teachers - Groups for this week will start on TUESDAY, so that you have time to organize and plan accordingly based on last week's progress monitoring. ~Grades 3 & 4 - Groups will continue as usual M - F. :)

~Challenge for this week:

  • Call two parents from your classroom to say great things about their child.

News from your Assistant Principal -

SIT Meetings:

· As a friendly reminder, SIT meetings will still be held for behavior students, speech, SpEd and dyslexia EOY referrals. Janie will work on April’s SIT schedule.

Please follow the timeline below:

-Last day for referral Tuesday, April 12th.

-Parent conference by Thursday, April 14th.

- Email intervention logs or summaries to Charlie by Weds., April 20th

- SIT meeting Friday, April 22nd.

STAAR Round 2 Math and Reading:

· The next STAAR training will be held through EPD on April 27th for CoCurr, ISTs, Resource, Dyslexia, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade.

· Kinder and 1st will be trained through their conference periods on April 28th, due to scheduling conflicts.

· Small group accommodation training will be held after school on the 28th.

· I’ve asked 3rd and 4th grade teachers to work on list of students they feel will test better in a one-on-one setting and/or small group setting. Their lists are due at the end of the day. I will take the rest of the week to finalize the groups and will inform the staff who will be involved with STAAR no later than Monday, April 18th. This should give everyone involved enough prep time before the second administration of the assessment.

Perfect Attendance:

· The end of the six weeks is Friday, April 15th. Students who earned perfect attendance can wear their pajamas on Monday, April 18th. Please speak to eligible students and inform the families of those who earned this incentive. Additional goodies for these students will be placed in your boxes by Monday, April 18th. Please check with Veronica and/or I if you have any questions.

Evacuation Drill:

An evacuation drill is scheduled for Thursday. This is exactly like a fire drill. An evacuation occurs when conditions are safer outside of school than inside. An announcement will be made saying that “We will now practice our evacuation drill”. Take your students to your designated location that you are assigned to for fire drills. We will make an all clear announcement once all students are accounted for.

News from your Librarian -

April 22 is the last day that students can return a purple Reading Bingo card. Most of the students (except Kindergarten and those new to the school) have had since last summer to be working on all six cards. The directions and important dates are always printed on the backside of each card.

If a parent asks about when their child will receive their ticket to Six Flags for participating in the 6 Hour Reading Program, please assure them that they are coming, but won’t arrive and be distributed until mid-May. The tickets will have a date range for when they can be redeemed which usually is between early June to mid-August.