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Chirp App

Share a picture, note or link

Chirp allows you to wirelessly share a note, link or picture to an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad. Make sure that everyone that you want to share with is in the app and that the volume is turned up. Tap the + symbol at the bottom and select what you want to chirp. Then, to chirp out the link, picture or note tap the ~ at the bottom.

Chirp is an iPhone app but can be added to an iPad. When looking for it in the app store just select iPhone at the top left.

Making Adjectives Personal


This is a lesson idea that I found on the Tech Chef4U blog. This blog is worth checking out to find more lessons that integrate technology.

This came from a Pintrest idea using a whiteboard to describe the birthday boy/girl. Take it a step further and use an iPad to create the same objective.

See examples below:


Padlet Web Tool

Use Angry Birds to teach Nouns, Verbs and Preposition phrases

The children played Angry Birds while collecting verbs, Nouns and Preposition phrases on a recording sheet. Once completed we made a two large posters. They had so much fun and learned along the way. Each child made a bird or pig , wrote a sentence on their animal using an interesting underlined verb.

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