Video and Film Editors

BY: Marcelo Marcos

What do I do?

A film and video editor is a job where you would have to be able to use a computer and a editing program at a good ability to be able to take random films and make it into cash.

As a film and video editor you will need to be able to handle being seated for a long time, be able to have face to face talks and be able to listen to the very last detail.

How Much Would I Get Played

The wage of a Video and film editior is pretty good with an average of about 57,210 annually. The average in the United States is 44 thousand dollars a year. The high in the united states is 72 thousand dollars a year. And the median in the State of Texas is 47 thousand dollars a year. And the average wage for film and video editor in the world is 75,019.
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Pros of the jobs

Pros of the job-

  • Above-average mean salary of $75,090 per year as of May 2014
  • Can be self-employed or work for an employer
  • May have to work long hours when meeting deadlines
  • May have to work long hours when meeting deadlines

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Job outlook

Job outlook

The job outlook

  • the job has been decreasing by 3% lower then average
  • Employment of film and video editors and camera operators is projected to grow 3 percent from 2012 to 2022, slower than the average for all occupations.

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Best colleges for this career cluster

The two best colleges for this career

1. Is the University of New York, with a cost of 10,000 per year

2.Is the university of southern California with a cost per year of 45,602