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Anyone familiar with Vancouver knows there are plenty of jewelry stores to choose from, especially if you are looking for an engagement ring. If you don’t already frequent jewelry stores in Vancouver, you aren’t likely to know where to start when you are ready to select and purchase an engagement ring. Some men go to their family first. They don’t want to go to a jewelry store in Vancouver. They definitely don’t want to go through the hassle of finding the perfect ring online and then being disappointed when an unreliable online retailer fails to deliver. These men use their mother or grandmother’s ring. It’s a charming custom, but not all families have rings to pass on. For many years, Vancouver men looking for engagement rings have headed to Golden Tree Jewelers.

Golden Tree Jewelers is a family owned business that has expanded over the years due to their success. Founded by Chandulal Bhindi, the business of beautiful adornments and celebratory luxury was also embraced by daughter Mamta and son Bob. Each member of the Bhindi family bring something unique to the team, whether it be a drive to excel or attending to each aspect of a customer’s experience. Golden Tree Jewelers doesn’t only provide engagement rings in Vancouver, they also work to motivate local youth. Golden Tree Jewelers gifts local high school valedictorians with distinctive watches in tribute to their pursuit of academic accomplishment. Many families have been effected by this program.

Golden Tree Jewelry sells engagement rings in Vancouver from major international design houses and specializes in a diverse set of elegant timepieces and jewelry, always kept current and on the cutting edge of contemporary fashion. Couples searching for the right jewelry store in Vancouver might find themselves lucky enough to visit Golden Tree Jewelers on a day when they are hosting a give away or another fun event. Even on a regular day, customers can find that it is convenient and helpful to have a well-trained member of the Golden Tree Jewelers staff assist while navigating all the various choices to be made when purchasing an engagement ring.

Golden Tree Jewelry staff helps you choose the engagement ring metal type, including a variety of gold colors that include red, yellow, green, and rose. The diamonds themselves can also come in a variety of colors outside the traditional sparkling white, such as the dramatic black diamond, or pink or yellow diamonds. Other popular stones include emerald, ruby, and tanzanite. Most jewelry stores try to offer a variety of choices, but Golden Tree Jewelry truly offers a diverse set of engagement ring choices, ranging in styles from vintage to glamorous, modern to classic. These can seem like intimidating decisions, especially when you consider selecting the ring is only one of the first steps to actually getting engaged! The staff at Golden Tree Jewelry understands this, and that’s why they make their store such a comfortable atmosphere to explore choices and choose the engagement ring that really suits each couple.