Please join us for Shannon's YES

Let's do this celebration: a Shannonesque bachelorette party

Shannon agreed to do it--to get married. Let's make her last Saturday of singledom good.

We have a relaxed series of events planned for Shannon. We'll start it off easy with Welch's sparkling grape juice, cheese, and some badminton at the beach. We'll head over to the living room and learn how to make some Tapas and eat the fruits of our labor. We'll mosey on over for an ice cream at Margie's and get the night started at a bar yet to be announced!

Let's do this celebration

Saturday, July 25th, 12pm

1106 N Marshfield Ave

Chicago, IL

We will start at Shannon's and taxi over to the beach. We will be taxi-ing quite a bit so feel free to park near Shannon's she has parking passes for you all!


Please join us for any or all of the events scheduled!

Hosted by the Bunch: Jaclyn, Kirsten, and Katie

We three gals have known Shannon for nearly all of our lives. We want to make sure Shannon's bachelorette is one part fun, two parts relaxing with a dash of memorable. If you have any suggestions for the bachelorette party feel free to drop us a line!