August 3-7 Roadrunner Weekly Update

Welcome to Los Cerritos 2020-2021 School Year!

Dear Los Cerritos Families,

As we begin to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year in the coming weeks, I will be sending out a weekly update with upcoming dates and information to support our start of the school year.

I look forward to this year and have attached my introduction letter to you all.

Re-Enrollment Survey Due 8/7/20


Last Friday, our district sent out a re-enrollment survey via email to all our parents to determine your preference with in person instruction or online learning for the school year. Having that said, I want to share some information to help clarify the survey with Los Cerritos specific information. The goal is to have 100% of parents submitting the survey as we need to plan accordingly based on the data. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please email me at

Los Cerritos Q & A:

Question: What will be our start time 8:00 am or 9:00 am?

Answer: Our students will begin at 9:00 am. The sample schedule you received via email indicated 8:00 am as start time but we will adhere to our 9:00 start time. If this would change, you will be informed.

Question: How will In-person Instruction Model look like?

Answer: Students who attend the in-person instruction model will remain with their peers while maintaining the social distancing occupancy per class of no more than 15-16 students per classroom.

Question: What will students do during the half-day they are not with their teacher?

Answer: Students will be with a supervising staff member (Recreation Aide, Specialist, Instructional teacher, support staff, etc) working on teacher selected activities such as independent learning, Jiji Math, Core 5, and other assignments.

Question: How will online instruction look like for students?

Answer: Students will work remotely online for the school year. Please keep in mind that it might be a Los Cerritos teacher depending on the number of students option for online, or it will be a LBUSD teacher within the district. This is why we need to have 100% participation in completing the survey to know how may will be in person and online.

Question: If I select online instruction for my student, can I change my selection to in person instruction?

Answer: Your selection is intended for the 2020-2021 school year. However, if conditions change and we can resume in person instruction, the District will create a process to possibly change your decision.

Question: Starting September 1st, what will online virtual learning look like?

Answer: Online synchronous learning will begin from 9-11:30 am and 12: 45-3:00 pm with built in breaks. There will be a 45 minute break in between to ensure our scholars eat lunch.

Question: If I do not submit my survey by August 7th, what will happen?

Answer: If you do not submit your survey by the due date, it will default to "in-person" instruction model.

Upcoming Dates

8/7-Parent Survey Due

8/17-Administration & Office Staff Returns

8/31- Teachers First Day