European Exploration

By: Kylie C. Nunes

Exploring New Jersey

In 1524,an Italian explorer named Giovanni da Verrazano set sail. He was probably the first explorer to reach what is now New Jersey. Verazano sailed North along the New Jersey coast into that is now New York Bay. In 1609,a Dutch ship sailed for North America. Henry Hudson,the captain of the ship,closely followed the route of Verrazano. He sailed into New York Bay and up the river now named for him.

The Dutch Fur Trade

The Dutch were eager to trade with the Lenape for furs. The Dutch could sell furs in Europe for high prices. The demand for furs was high is Europe. The Dutch traded with the Lenape to increase the Dutch supply of fur. When the demand for a good is high and the supply of a good is low,the price of the good usually goes up.