A Taste Of Christmas and Classics 12/19/2015



December 19, 2015


7:00 a.m.

*Parents Are To Drop Off Performers at 7:00 a.m.


Step 2 Dance Studio

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  1. Prepare For Show Day At Least 7 Days In Advance.
  2. Performers Go To Bed By 9:00p.m. the night before.
  3. Performers Take A Nice Long Bath Before You Go To Bed. (Relax Your Body)
  4. Performers Take A Warm Shower When You Wake Up. (Energize and Refresh)
  5. Parents You Must Prepare A Hearty Breakfast. They MUST eat before arrival.
  6. Do Not Be Late To Call Time, This Will Make Your Performer Nervous.
  7. Arrive To Call Time, Prepared, This Is NOT The Time For Questions.
  8. Miss K Is Not Available To Parents For Any Reason On Show Day, All You Need To Know Is In This Call Sheet.


  1. Your performer will be very nervous, excited, worried, concerned- a ball of mixed emotions. This is the time you will need all the patience in the world. Some performers act out negatively without understanding what they are feeling. You must stay calm and stay encouraging on show days.
  2. This is not the time for punishments, grounding, spankings, or threats/promises of. These disciplinary actions are prohibited at any MKDB Show Day Location. If there is an issue, that should be handled in the comfort of your home.
  3. Parents may congratulate their performer after the show. They may take pictures, encourage and congratulate with family members at this time. This time will be limited, because we must prepare for the next show.
  4. Parents, Family Members, and Supporters may not enter the backstage area for any reason.
  5. Parents are not to interrupt the show by trying to critique or correct their performer, they are being trained professionally, they know what they are doing.


  • Please Reply To Email- TICKET COUNT when it is sent.
  • All Attendees must have a ticket to enter, this includes Dance Moms and Dads.
  • Those who arrive late will have to wait until Intermission to Enter- No Exceptions.
  • For Additional Tickets- You Must Pay In Advance, please email amount.


  • 12:00 p.m. - OPEN 11:40a.m. CLOSE 11:55a.m.
  • 2:30p.m. - OPEN 2:10p.m. CLOSE 2:25p.m.
  • 5:00p.m. - OPEN 4:40p.m. CLOSE 4:55p.m.

*When Doors Close, There May Not Be Any Late Entries, Late Arrivals Will Disrupt The Show. They may enter at intermission.


beauties HAIR



  • ​Ballerina Bun, High, Middle Of Head

  • Must Use Sponge Bun that will not show through hair nor is too small. Must match hair color.

  • Elastic Hairbands must match color of hair.

  • ​No accessories at all in hair. No sprays of glitter.

  • Hair may be in singles or use your own hair with weave to add to fullness of bun if needed.

  • No cornrow on crown/base of head.

  • If your performer's hair does not follow these guidelines upon drop off, I will ask you to fix it or if you want us to fix it.

  • Those who want Tara to do your bun she will be charging $20.00 for hair without singles $10.00 for those with singles. She creates the best ballerina buns.

  • See pics below for examples.

  • Here is a video:

beast HAIR

  • Clean Cut/Lined/Edged Up

HOW TO ARRIVE (Beauties)


  • With MKDB Neon BackPack with all mandatory items.
  • With hair in Bun
  • In Performance Earrings- The mandatory earrings, not alternates.
  • With Stomach Full Of Breakfast- Do Not Bring Food Into The Building. Breakfast must be fed before arrival.
  • With JAZZ SHOES in Backpack- Do Not Forget! Those without Jazz Shoes they should be in by Show Day. If you are new and you have not purchased Jazz Shoes, please email immediately, you must purchase these for Show Day, this is separate from costuming and props.
  • In Rehearsal Attire
  • With Fresh Clean Face
  • Wearing Black Bra( for those who wear them)

how to arrive beast

  • With MKDB Neon BackPack with all mandatory items.
  • With Stomach Full Of Breakfast- Do Not Bring Food Into The Building. Breakfast must be fed before arrival.
  • Wearing Black Underwear
  • Wearing Black Compression Shorts
  • Wearing Black AShirt or Tank
  • Wearing Rehearsal Attire
  • Wearing Black Dress Socks

On Hangers Or In Garment Bags:

  • Black Dress Slacks- Not Too Baggy, No Sagging, Not Too Tight
  • Black Dress Shirt- Long Sleeve, Button Up, Collar, Not Too Baggy, Not Too Tight
  • Black Belt with Silver Buckle
  • And Do Not Forget Your Black Dress Shoes- NO Laces, tassels, or buckles.


  • Each Family Please Donate $5.00 Towards Craft Services. This will support the Lunch, Snacks, Drinks and Water that will be supplied to dancers all day.
  • Black Tights for Beauties- please purchase a pair of footed Black Tights for your beauty, you all can fit your performer better than we can in regard to tights.

- L'eggs Body Shape Tights at Walmart Or Target are amazing.

-No Control Top


-Tights- Not Stockings

-Tights- Not Leggings


  • Performers In Grades K-6 will be ready for pick up at 7:00 p.m.
  • Performers In Grades 7-12 will stay to get ready for their Jingle Jam.

*Jingle Jam is over at 11:00p.m. Your performers will be ready at 11:30p.m.


Anything that is not in this call sheet, MKDB provides.


*Please ensure you are completely prepared, you do not want to be called back to the studio because your performer does not have all that he/she needs. This day is to enjoy the experience of watching your performers progress in this short time of training, not to run around trying to get what they need because you are not prepared.