The Diary of Anne Frank

Miep Gies


In the Diary of Anne Frank, the theme or the message is to be happy in the darkest of days. Even though the Frank Family and the Van Daan were in hiding they still had their ways of enjoying themselves in the Annex. For example when Hanukah come they celebrated and Anne made everyone presents. "Yours Mr. Van Daan, it's really something..... something you want more than anything. Look! Cigarettes!"(403) Said Anne when she gave Mr. Van Daan his gift for Hanukah. Also when New Years came around they celebrated another year of surviving the Holocaust. "Oh please, please. Let's sing the song. I promise not to shout."(405) Wined Anne. See even though they were locked behind a bookshelf they still kept being happy.


In the Diary of Anne Frank, the theme or the message is to be courageous even in the most difficult times. Take Mr. Frank for example, when there was a loud noise from outside the Annex Mr. Frank was brave enough to risk his own life to she what the noise was. "It was a thief. That noise must have scared him away."(408) Said Mr. Frank when he made his way back to the Annex. Also when the radio they had told people not to write in a diary, because the Nazis can find it and use it to track down people if there were names in the diary. But Anne didn't really care about that she wrote down more and more everyday. "Saturday, the first of January, nineteen forty-four. Another year has begun and we find ourselves still in our hiding place."(411) That is one journal entry out of Anne's Diary. There are plenty examples of being courageous in this play, but there is most likely more in your life.

Miep Gies

I chose Miep because I feel like with out her where would the Frank Family and the Van Daan Family do without Miep ,or how would they know where to go or how will have gotten their supplies. There are plenty of symbols or objects that represent bravery but one that stood out to me is a lion. I chose a lion to be a symbol that represents bravery, courage, and strength for Miep. For example Miep represents bravery when she helps the Frank Family and the Van Daan go into hiding and her knowing she could be killed for helping Jews.
Miep Gies was a dutch women who hid Anne Frank, her family and four other Jews from the Nazis in an annex above Anne's father's business premises during World War II.
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