World War 1

The War to End all Wars by Haley Shults


The Germans sank the Lusitania because they thought there were weapons and they were told any ship that went by Great Britain should be shot with a torpedo. The Lusitania was known for it's speed. Went they got close to Great Britain they started to approach dangerous waters and fog covered the ground. Passengers were on the ship and they had no idea that there was weapons. Then a German submarine spotted the Lusitania and they fired one single torpedo and in 18 minutes the ship sunk and over 1,100 people died on the ship.

Wheatless Mondays and Meatless Tuesdays

A Weatless Monday is where you go without wheat for the day so that way they could give it to the other allies. Meatless Tuesdays is where you go without meat for the day so you could give it to the other allies.