By: Hannah Moseley

Angiostrongyliasis' common name

Rat lungworm

Angiostrongyliasis Lifestyle

The first stage larvae infect snails and mollusks. Humans can acquire the infection from the consumption of undercooked snails. During the second stage of growth, angiostrongyliasis becomes infectious. During the third stage, the larvae are consumed by rats, hence the name rat lungworm. The eggs are hatched in the lungs, and then are passed through rodent feces.

How to prevent infections

Angiostrongyliasis is found in locations where the species that tend to carry the parasite are most prevalent. Angiostrongyliasis is found widely in countries such as: Thailand, Taiwan, and the Pacific Islands.

Avoiding this infection can be easily done by thoroughly cooking and washing all food before consumption.

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