Year At A Glance

My Name

About Me

I Am In band I Love colorguard jesus and food!! When im not finishing my final projects for school or working i enjoy working out and counting down the days until summer. I don't try and impress people because what you see is what you get. i love having fun and hanging out but i can be serious and hard working when i need to be. :D

Year At A Glance

This year has gone by so fast i Cant believe i am  going to be a junior next year! Looking back on this year i have acomplished so many thing i never dreamed of having accomplished. Keeping my grades up, making new friends, and breaking out of my shell are just a few things i have been able to do this year. I owe a big thanks to my friends, family, and especially my teachers for being there and helping me when i needed it.
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My Dream Vacation

This summer i would love to go to Hawaii. A Walk on the beach and a swim in the lovely ocean sounds perfect to me.. Plus i wouldn't mind learning how to hula! I have heard so much about the hawii sunrise and sunset that i can't wait untill i see it in person and decided for myself if it really is the most amazing thing ever or not.

My Advice

Ok In coming sophmores listen up! Next year i encourage you to stay on top of things once summer gets here you can slack off. Going through the year is not hard jut do and turn in all of your work. Dont tell me you cant keep your grades up because you are to busy.. i know thats a big lie. I would say to get in a group activity or join a club. Also if you are having trouble with anything go to your teachers they are here to help us! we should be smart and use the resources we have. One last thing dont over whelm your self it is ok to every once in a while go to a party or hang out wth friends!! :)
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