Phinney Reading Stations

Week of January 4th-8th

Station 1: EOQ Review with Ms. Phinney

Bring a pencil and your ELA notebook to review for the EOQ with Ms. Phinney. You will need this passage:

America Needs a Nap

Station 2: World's Worst Weather passage and questions

Read the passage World's Worst Weather and answer the questions that follow in your ELA notebook. Use COMPLETE sentences.

Station 3: Take CFAs

Go to Bubble Sheet and take the following CFA for me to see where you are with our skills for this quarter!

1. 600215

Station 4: iReady Reading

Take this time to do iReady Reading. Please be on task the entire time! I'll be able to check on iReady to make sure!

Station 5: EOQ Review

Go to WHITE DRAWER #3 and get the EOQ review passage packet. Use all of your strategies, including highlighters to complete this packet. I will take a grade on it on Friday.

Station 6: Prefixes and Suffixes

On blackboard learn under ELA content, click on prefix and suffix homework. Look at the stems and roots for Jan 4-8.

Complete Activity #1 for these roots and stems.

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Grades Taken Friday:

  • Overall grade on CFAs.
  • EOQ Review Packet

Early Finishers:

  • Any Unfinished Work
  • CFAs
  • iReady Reading
  • Read to Self