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April 2021

What is grit and why does it matter?

I recently read a book entitled: Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. I highly recommend reading it, but in the meantime, watch Dr. Duckworth's Ted Talk where she speaks about the book. There is a direct correlation between how gritty someone is and their level of success. Check out the 5 characteristics of grit below. I challenge you to reflect on these things and think about your own level of grit.

5 characteristics of GRIT

1. Courage

2. Conscientiousness: Achievement Oriented vs. Dependable

3. Long-Term Goals and Endurance: Follow Through

4. Resilience: Optimism, Confidence, and Creativity

5. Excellence vs. Perfection.

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  • Did you put your deposit down for your College? Let your counselor know :)
  • Keep Your Grades Up!
  • Apply for Scholarships (see information below).

Scholarship Information


* All scholarships bolded are due sometime this month.

NEW* Northeast Pennsylvania Audubon Society Scholarship, Application deadline 4/30/21

NEW* Thomas J. Butler Memorial Scholarship, application deadline 5/1/21

NEW* GDS Scholarship, application deadline 7/31/21

NEW* Susquehanna County Conservation District Scholarship, application deadline 5/1/21

NEW* Susquehanna County Bar Association Scholarship application deadline 4/30/21

NEW* Jean Rose Scholarship, application deadline 4/30/21

NEW* Andrew Mazza Foundation Scholarship, application deadline 5/10/21

Feel Good Motors application deadline 4/30/21

Human Resources Foundation application deadline 4/15/21

Forest City Rotary Scholarship application deadline 5/7/21

Susquehanna County Democratic Award, 2021 application deadline 4/5/21

Walk of Honor Scholarship application deadline 4/20/21

Wayne Co Business & Professional Women Association application deadline 4/20/21

Wayne Memorial Auxiliary scholarship application deadline 4/16/21

Pleasant Valley Grange Scholarship application deadline 4/30/21

NEPA Pride Scholarship application deadline 4/1/21

Perry Westgate Memorial Scholarship application deadline 4/9/21

Wayne Co. Community Foundation application deadline: 4/1/21


Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains

Scranton Area Community Foundation

  • You must create a profile (use your personal email for this creation)
  • On the top bar, click "Scholarships and Grants" then "Apply for Scholarships"
  • This system allows you to filter through applications that you are qualified for, based on where you live, your age, your gender, your county, your intended major, your grades, etc.


Construction Trades Scholarship

Students Scholarship

PPL Scholarship

PAEOP Scholarship

College Board Scholarships

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  • We will be meeting individually with each of you for post-secondary planning meetings this month.
  • Also Sign up with dhamlyn@fcrsd.org for SAT School Day if you want to test here at FCRHS. Make sure you have only one College Board account and save your user name and password (you'll need this often over the next year).


  • PSAT 10 will be for all 10th grade in the gym at 8:30 AM on 4/13. Take some time to take a Practice Test to prepare for the PSAT.

Abbey Judge

Level Up Program Director

(570) 955-1516

Summer Program Opportunity

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Anxiety Help for TEENS

1. Become a relaxation expert

2. Get enough sleep, nourishment, and exercise

3. Connect with others

4. Connect with nature

5. Pay attention to the good things


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