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September 2-6


Keep working on your Bingo Boards! I am still missing some phone numbers in my phone!!

Have a wonderful and relaxing long weekend!!!

Important Dates

September 3-

BAS window for 1st and 2nd opens

Wear your college shirt and jeans

Huddle meeting-library 3:30

Day 5

September 4-

Jen off campus a.m.

Collaboration 3:30-4:30

Day 6

September 5-

Grandparent's Day Lunch A-L

Day 1

September 6-

Grandparent's Day Lunch M-Z

Day 2

Library News

Library will open beginning at 8:15 daily. This will allow for collection of books, Danielle supporting arrival, morning announcements and preparing for the day in the library.

Dreambox Clarification

Clarifying the student use of paper and pencil while working in Dreambox

Dreambox is a program that is designed to help students perform math skills efficiently. While students work through their learning pathway they are welcome to use paper and pencil as a support while they are building those skills to become more efficient. They are on a journey of learning the strategies that will support the acquisition of those skills and scaffolds may be needed while they are on their personalized journey. If a student is using paper and pencil we ask that they do not use the pause button while they work their problems out on the paper. The program is constantly running metrics on each student while they work and it is important for the program to be aware that the student needs time to figure out the answer and that is okay. Please note that it may delay progress as the program creates a learning path that will provide the opportunities for the student to have more experiences with tools and strategies that will build those skills.

PurposeFULL People

We now have access to our new SEL(social emotional learning) toolkit called PurposeFULL people. It is a wealth of wonderful ideas to use in teaching SEL and character in your classroom. Spend some time digging in it and looking at all that is available to use. We will talk more about how to implement soon.


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Don't Forget to Join PTA if you have not done so!

Don't forget to complete your Mandatory Online training by September 13th

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Respect

Morning Announcements-Pledge Helpers-Edwards

Video reading of The Recess Queen for respect

The Recess Queen

Amazing Kids of Character:Respect Video


Sesame Street video on Respect

Sesame Street: Respect | Word on the Street

Morning Meetings

Please continue to have morning meetings with your students about being respectful with their words!

Character Shout-Outs

We have placed some Character Shout-outs in your boxes. We are also attaching them in the S'more. These are for the adults to give to students who have shown really good character and need to be recognized for it. It doesn't have to be for the core value of the month. It can be for any core values. The student can turn them into the buckets in the library.

Don't forget to join Courtesy Committee!

Article on the importance of personal connections

Mandatory Online Training needs to be completed by September 13

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