Evaluation & Assessment Newsletter Jan 2016 Issue 1

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Imagine yourself sitting in the chair pictured above. Think about the PL you've participated in during the first half of the school year: Differentiation, DoK/Rigor Matrices, ALD/Standards rubric. How will you use these resources in your planning and instruction as you continue to prepare your students to show personal growth in class and on the GA Milestones?

Visit the link below for a teacher's "not-to-do" list for the new year!

Student Surveys of Instructional Practice - Where do you fall?

Survey results are utilized as documentation to support annual performance ratings and inform formative and summative assessment ratings for standards 3, 4, 7, and 8. The GaDOE computes the overall mean score for each teacher.
Compare your results. Where do you fall?


As a school, our strength is POSITIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT.

How can your personal results can impact your teaching?
212 Degrees - turn up the heat

The 212 Degree Attitude - Turn up the Heat!

I first saw the video above about 10 years ago at the start of my 5th year of teaching.

Imagine the victories achieved with that 1 extra degree: an extra degree of kindness or concern, belief that a student can do it, perseverance, enthusiasm, passion, or just an extra degree of time.

PL - Please complete the ONE QUESTION survey below.

Technology Tip - Splashtop 2 Personal

Splashtop 2 allows you to control your computer screen from your iPad, iPhone or Android device, allowing you to deliver your presentation from anywhere in the room. The app is $2.99 but it is well worth the freedom it allows you to move around and monitor student behavior.