Mrs. Hower's Classroom Spotlight

By Mrs. Hower's Fourth Grade Class

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Mrs. Hower

by Josiah & Jeannimar

Mrs. Hower is too cool for school, and she is a nice teacher. We all love our teacher, and she loves all of us. Mrs. Hower has 4 pet’s 3 cats and 1 dog. Mrs. Hower's favorite food is sushi and Subway. Mrs. Hower has a husband, and his name is Mr.Hower. Mrs. Hower likes to run on a treadmill. We love Mrs. Hower’s smile and laughter. She is very funny. We love her kindness and her helpfulness. Mrs. Hower is so respectful, and she makes jokes that make us all laugh at school when we were there for two hours. Mrs. Hower loves to go out on road trips with her husband and her pets.

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Our Good Class

by Justin

Hello everyone! Mrs. Hower is the best teacher ever and she teaches us how to be the smartest and bravest students. In her class, when we first met Mrs. Hower, we were all kinds of nervous. She taught us to be a lot better and get schoolwork done. We were all so happy to be with our own teacher for 4th grade. Mrs. Hower encourages us to share but we cannot share due to the pandemic. We always help each other and get work done in a positive way.

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Math rocks! When you do it with friends!

by Braeden

There was this 1 assignment that was really fun to do. Before when I didn't get it, I thought this math assignment was hard and boring, but when my teacher Mrs. Hower helped me, I understood it and it was really fun to do, and it wasn't so hard. It was about this man named muffles and he sold truffles, but he needed to see how many truffles he had to make for the people in line, so we measured the line and saw it would take about 10 minutes for every 3 people. I also love working with people. It makes me feel good when I help them and when they help me. I also liked this time we learned about area and perimeter, the same thing happened again, I didn't get what was a perimeter. But after I asked my teacher some questions I knew what the perimeter was, and it was easier than I thought! I just had to add up all the sides. But sometimes when I don’t get it Mrs. Hower doesn’t always help out, some people in my class do and sometimes I help them back. I also like working on a jamboard to do the math, it is fun seeing other people's strategies.

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Awesome Events

by Harish & Clementine

Hey there! Mrs. Hower’s class is the best class ever! Let me show you why! We play Kahoot, learn on, have fun in Art Lit, our virtual field trips, and socialize on Monday Recess. We don’t do a lot of Kahoot, but Mrs. Hower always picks out the best ones for us when we do. It’s always fun! We did Art Lit every Friday before Hybrid started. We aren’t sure if we are going to do Art Lit in hybrid, but we all really want to keep doing it. is pretty much going through the same thing that Art Lit is going through right now. The Monday recess is still going on. If you’re a 3rd to 5th grader, you know about this. There are a bunch of groups, and each one of them gives time to socialize in different ways. We don’t have virtual field trips that much, but when we do, they're super cool! There are a lot more events, but they are not as special as these events right here. Ok, time to go! Bye!

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by Angel, Sophia & Sanshray

For reading, we have learned to take notes, learn about the secondary characters, and we have learned about characters' personalities. We read fiction and non-fiction books. The books we read are a diary of a wimpy kid and some non-fiction books we read are about earthquakes, titanic, volcanoes, etc.

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Starting New Writing

by Abigail, Gia, & Arham

For writing, we learned about starting with a question which then hooks the reader into reading more and getting fascinated as they read. Then, we learned to make a beginning, middle, and end. Some things we wrote about for writing is, nonfiction writing, fiction writing, optional writing, science fiction writing, and graphic novels.

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Super Science

by Dharini & Srijan

Science in my class is really fun. Mr. Brown and Mrs. Hower make it exciting and make me want to learn about all the stuff in science. Once we learned about geology and we got to make fiction or nonfiction books about rocks. That was really fun. We also did health which we learned about how vaccines work. It was really interesting to know that vaccines send weak versions of the virus for our body to defeat it, so you gain immunity. Last week we started a lesson in twig science, called Super Survivors. We got to do lesson one. It was fun because we learned in a creative way. Overall, Science is a really fun subject because Mrs. Hower and Mr. Brown are fun and encouraging teachers and make us want to learn.

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A New Student

by Ajay

Being a new student to school, I had many questions before joining. How would my first day go? Meeting with new friends and teachers? I was missing my old classmates and carrying their wishes to continue with a new school. Having new hopes and aspirations, new challenges on learning online tools to adjust academics.

Finally, a day came to meet all my new friends and teachers. It was so delightful to have great people at Elmonica Elementary School to make me adjust so quickly and enjoy the learning model and fun activities as facilitated. Hoping to meet all in-person school next academic year and meet and greet. Thanks for the warm welcome.

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by Freddie & Justin

Fun is for everyone and on fun Friday. Mrs. Hower let us play Kahoot with other kids or play Kahoot with her. Sometimes at the end of the day, Mrs. Hower lets us go to the breakout room with our friends. We could chat with friends, or if you don't finish your work, you can do DreamBox or reading log or anything. Mrs. Hower is the best teacher ever. And bye<3 Mrs. Hower.

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Social Studies

by Arham & Sanshray

Everyone in Mrs. Hower’s class had made a nonfiction book about women in history, and everyone had many good ideas. Some people wrote about something else, for example, JK. Rowling, Amelia Earhart, Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Anne Frank, and many others. Most students in our class wrote about women in history, but other students wrote about their own things they wanted to write about like, persuasive speeches and opinion writing. Arham wrote about JK. Rowling and Sanshray wrote about Amelia Earhart. When we wrote for our presentations, Mrs. Hhower told us we could do optional writing, but she said we could make a presentation about women in history.

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Arts we have done and people we have learned about

by Alejandro and Sahasra

Hello everyone! How are you all doing! Mrs. Hower´s class is the most awesome ever! I will tell you why! First every Friday we do art projects and learn about a lot of artists! These are some of the names we learned about! Yong Hong Zhong, Mike Caroff! These are some art we did! We had done a phoenix, self-portraits, bald eagle's head, and a snow owl! There is a lot more you can learn about art! We even read the book share the rainbow and made a rainbow made out of scratch ( I mean like you don't start just getting your rainbow. You have to make it from the beginning.) We did the rainbow because we wanted to express our feeling! Ok, time to go!
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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

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