Gary Paulsen


About Me

My name is Ian. I have been reading since Kindergarten. The books i like to read are mainly humor and sports books. The reasons I like books like this is because I like to play sports.

My goals

My goals as a reader is to read a lot more because I barely ever read without being forced to at school. Another goal of mine is too read harder books.

My favorites

My favorite books/book series are... Lawn Boy, A series of unfortunate events, Air ball my life in briefs, and The Willoughbys. The reasons I liked these books are 1 they are hilarious 2 they are funny. That's why i liked these books.

Blog Entry

Right now I'm reading "Heat" by Mike Lupica and just finished reading The Willoghbys by Lois Lowry. Im hoping to find really good books like these 2. I really like these books because they are awesome

Like Try why

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Authors Spotlight

Origins and Influences of author

Gary Paulsen had a lot of influences on his life mainly from his childhood he was abused and he went on a lot of adventures like he wrote in many of his books including hatchet, the hay meadow, the beet fields, woods runner, Brian's return, Brian's winter and many many more. He was also influenced by all of the chores he did on farms. In the summer he worked as an engineer, construction worker, ranch hand, truck driver, and sailor. This most likely led him to write multiple books like the hay meadow and the beet fields. Also he got hooked on books when a librarian told him about them and gave him a library card and this is what influenced him to write books.

Author's books, genres, messages/themes

Gary Paulsen wrote a lot of books and I think a lot of them were sort of similar to his child hood and that's why he wrote some of the books that he wrote. Some books written by him are hatchet and woods runner.


"I started to focus on writing the same energies and efforts that I was using with dogs. So we're talking 18-, 19-, 20-hour days completely committed to work. Totally, viciously, obsessively committed to work, the way I'd run dogs....I still work that way, completely, all the time. I just work. I don't drink, I don't fool around, I'm just this way.... What Gary Paulsen means is how focused and how much he worked while he was writing.

Interesting Facts

1.Gary Paulsen joined the circus when he ran away from his abusive parents at age 15

2.Gary Paulsen worked on random farms to earn money after he ran away.

3.Gary Paulsen never stayed in the same school for more than 5 months when he was a kid.