7th Grade ELA

Mrs. Long's English Language Arts Class

Winter Update 2016

Can you believe it's the second semester of 7th grade? Students have grown and changed greatly during these last two quarters, and I look forward to the developmental growth yet to come. As curriculum demands increase, make sure you check out our class Haiku page at http://bit.ly/mrslonghaiku to see our daily agenda, presentations, handouts, and extra information about what is happening in class both for your own awareness and to help facilitate any questions at home.

Professionally, I'm excited to announce that I recently had an educational article published in EdWeek Teacher, a leading educational news source for teachers and administrators. You can read it here. Make sure you talk to your student about their vocabulary development and how they are tracking their progress throughout the school year. Additionally, I'm participating in the district's English as a Second Language cohort through Benedictine University. This opportunity allows me to further explore educational theory, research, and best practice to meet the needs of all students at Daniel Wright.

Coming Up Next

Novel Study - Throughout the rest of quarter three, students will be reading and analyzing The Giver by Lois Lowry. This intensive unit will focus on developing students ability to comprehend complex literature from a basic to complex level, recognize the development of theme, and identify characterization and its impact on a story. Students will be expected to read, annotate, and answer comprehension questions for homework. Analysis activities and assessment will occur during class. There are an abundant amount of resources available to students on Haiku ranging from audio recordings of each chapter, digital copy of the text, handouts, and a variety of other resources.

Argumentative Essay - Students will be engaging in a month-long writer's workshop to complete an argumentative essay. This will be similar to the argumentative essay experience students had during November. The essay will be assigned one paragraph at a time, with work in class focusing on organization/structure, sentence fluency, and elaboration. Student's will receive teacher and peer feedback throughout the process. It will be expected that students edit and revise their writing in order to produce the best possible essay.

Don't Procrastinate

iTooch Grammar Notes - Student's need to have completed their grammar notes, and quizzes using the app iTooch 7th Grade Language Arts by Thursday of this week. Student's must score a B or above on all quizzes within the app, they are allowed to retake the quiz as many times as necessary.

Vocabulary Quizzes - Weekly vocabulary quizzes will continue to be on Friday and require students to know the assigned words definitions. Quizlet is highly encouraged to help students study, it is a flashcard program available both online and as an app.

Vocabulary Suffixes Quarter 3 Test - Students will have a cumulative vocabulary test on their study of word parts at the end of every quarter. They are given suffixes each week on their vocabulary list and need to make sure they are studying them throughout the quarter and not procrastinating until the week of the test.

Giver Quizzes - There will be a total of four quizzes that will be administered to identify student's understanding of comprehension of plot, characters, and conflict. There will also be inferential questions. These are individual assessments of students understanding of the novel.


Monday, March 14th, 3pm to Tuesday, March 15th, 8pm

1370 N Riverwoods Rd

Lincolnshire, IL

This is a great opportunity to meet with teachers to review your student's academic progress. More information about conferences will be sent out shortly.

Mrs. Kimberly Long

I teach 7th Grade English Language Arts, ELA. You can find me supervising Early Morning Study Hall daily from 7-7:40am, and PASS on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:05-4:15pm. These are great times for students to meet with me, or they can schedule an appointment to meet during lunch. Additionally, I supervise the Daniel Wright Student Newspaper. The club meets every Thursday after school in my room.