Hot Cheeto Land

by: Bianca Barron


In Hot Cheeto Land, we like to give you as much responsibility and flexibility as you desire. That's why we use Capitalism Economy! With this type of economy, We let YOU make all the decisions you think are best for your business. But not only do we let you handle everything, that could be a lot on your shoulders! We're trying to do the best to suit you, so while you're running your business, we will step in ONLY for protection and safety purposes! Everything else is up to you, do what your heart desires!


A person is able to make and build up their own business by themselves. They pay their fair share of taxes, and the government cannot/will not interfere.


  • Inheritance creating inequality. This is solely based on the fact that some people get inherited money from relatives. This is a problem for me because, I feel that when people (or kids,) get their inheritance it is earned, not just given. They are given the realization that their relative had to work hard to get this sum of money. It puts them in a mindset where they know that they can achieve anything if they work for it.
  • Because of this inheritance, it will create a social division. I think this is just ridiculous because if we're all working towards the same goal why are we putting a road block between us? We are all working, trying to earn money, so why should we put each other down because some of us are earning a little less money at a slower pace? If we just build each other up and acknowledge the fact that we are all getting something and building up our money, there shouldn't be a problem.
Economics: Capitalism, Socialism & Communism Explained