Elizabeth's Poetry

By: Elizabeth

Birthday Cake- Imagery

Cake, Cake, Cake.

I love cake.

Cake is scrumptious,

With lavender frosting.

Cake is steamy, fluffy, and refreshing.

When you eat it at,

Southeast of Saline,

it is the best.

Why? Well

You are eating it with friends.

Thats why.

Sundays- Metephor and Simile

Sunday's we go to church.

We go to listen to the pastor.

The pastor talks about,

as slow as Mondays go.

After church we go to eat,

It's my turn to choose,

We are going to Apple Bees.

I want a kids meal i order,

two mini cheeseburgars.

After that I will take a browni bite.

The browni bite is like an explotion of flavor.

The Night- Personification

The sun flies away,

and the moon jumps in.

The stars sing,

while glistening bright.

Some turtles are hatched,

they come out of thier shell.

The moon will guid them,

to the sea.

Were they will swim away.

The Old Cat- Limerick

There was an old cat,

who ate a bat.

The cat was black,

it lived in a sack.

The cat was big and fat.

Fun- Haiku

I had so much fun.

The mall was so not busy.

I was by myself.

Sally- Alliteration

Sally's somewhat smart.

She skipped school.

Sally's not so smart.

Gymnastics- Couplet

I like gymnastics,

it is fantastics.

When you swing on the bars,

it is more exciting than driving cars.

The meets are tricky,

the beams are sticky.

The vaults are high,

it makes you feel like you can fly.

When you do your tumbles,

the floor rumbles.

If you swing on the bars,

you might get scars.

At practice you run,

it's not very fun.

At a meet,

you compete.

On brake you think,

of what to drink.

At gymnastics I made a friend,

that i will have untill the end.

Gymnastics can go far,

thats why I shoot for a star.