The Ben Franklin Friday Focus

May 22, 2015

Happy Friday!

Dear Staff,


Have a great time today and enjoy the excitement, teamwork and enthusiasm of the kids.

It seems like we are in hyper speed heading into the last three weeks of school. Don't let June pass you by worrying about the tasks that we have to accomplish to close out the year. I want to share with you two small, but really powerful reminders to keep a keen eye out for those special moments that show that all of the work you have been doing all year has paid off and that your efforts and journey have been worthwhile. They are going to be everywhere around you, so be ready and enjoy them as they come.

Unfortunately, earlier in the week we had a student faint from the heat and not having enough water. While this is bad news, it brought out the best in those around her. The lunch aides were fantastic and the Kris was right on top of it, as usual. But I saw a level of care and empathy from two first grade boys that made me take pause and think about how proud I am of our school and students. The two boys noticed that she was struggling and she told them that she was a little dizzy. The boys instantly each grabbed an arm to help her inside and alerted a grown up right away. They proceeded to help and support her (and some other classmates who were upset) in a way that floored me for a 7 year old. One of the boys was witnessed a few minutes later helping a girl who was crying because she missed her mother. The boy gently put his arm on her back and calmly said, "I know how you feel, I miss my mom sometimes too, but it will be ok." It was amazing.

Another example was a chain reaction of positivity that stemmed from a great writing lesson. Although I wasn't there for the lesson, yesterday afternoon I was talking to a very skilled teacher who had taken a leap and invited parents in to see a writing lesson. It was a pretty advanced lesson, involving students in first grade reading part of a book, generating ideas, and writing new parts of the book as if they were the author. Needless to say, it went great! The teacher was beaming about how well the class participated, generated ideas and showed such engagement. Even the reluctant writers were jumping right in and having fun. It left the parents feeling thrilled, I'm sure, but the smile on the teacher's face was priceless and it made my day to hear the teacher's excitement and to see her genuine smile! (I'm proud of you Mary!)

Each day over the next three weeks is going to be full of small moments that are going to show how much you have done and how special our jobs are. I plan on working hard to be ready to notice, recognize and reflect on those moments, even as the tornado that is the end of the school year, swirls around us. Enjoy this special time of the year, it goes fast. You have worked so hard and let's enjoy the last leg of this year's journey!

Have a great time today!




Week of 6/1:...Group 1 AM Car Line (Pacuta, Van Metre, Duncan, and Vinch)

Monday, June 1 – Field Day rain date

Faculty meeting 3:45 pm

Request for Summer Payroll Deductions for 2015-2016 due

Bob Bunsa Agency in faculty room during lunches

Wednesday, June 3 – All library books are due

PreK assembly in cafeteria – 2:30 pm (Indian dance)

Thursday, June 4 – End of year DRAs due by 6/4

Incoming kindergarten student orientation 4:00 pm

Lincoln Investments in faculty room during lunches

Friday, June 5 – Grade three party

Borrowed DVD/VHS due back to Media Centers

Laminating not accepted after today

Gr. 2 Pen Pal visit

PreK assembly in cafeteria – 2:30 pm (opera singer)

Week of 6/8:...Group 2 AM Car Line (Cherny, Colavita, and Cimorelli)

Laminating machine will be on for staff use from 8:30 – 4:00 pm until 6/23

Monday, June 8 – Gr. 3 Unity Day at LIS

Data meeting 3:45 pm

Tuesday, June 9 – Gr. 3 Unity Day at LIS (rain date)


Wednesday, June 10 – Kindergarten all-school concert 10:00 am

Board of Ed. meeting 7:00 pm

Thursday, June 11 – PTO Family Picnic

Kindergarten parent concert 9:30 am

Gr. 3 to Churchville Nature Center

Friday, June 12 – End of year party at Lori Tennant’s house

Looking Ahead to Week of 6/15 and beyond

Monday, June 15 – Faculty meeting 3:45 pm

3-Shackleton Trout Trip

Thursday, June 18 – PTO night at Trenton Thunder

Friday, June 19 – PreK Van Metre graduation – cafeteria AM

Tuesday, June 23 – Last day of school

Last day of fourth marking period

Clap Out

School Spirit Assembly – Wear blue and white

Newsletter goes out

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