Tinian Jr/Sr High School Newsletter

May 4, 2016


Keiko Manglona

Ms. Keiko Manglona, also known as "Sensei" to everybody in the school, is the japanese and art teacher of Tinian High School. Sensei recieved her BA in Japan for Japanese, English, and Library Science at Shikoku University.

She has taught for 35 years in Tinian High School and has loved teaching here more than she loved teaching in Japan and Saipan. "I love teaching in Tinian because of the respect I recieve from students, everybody treats eachother like family, and I just love the small community." says Sensei. She really enjoys teaching the students on Tinian and watching them grow. Besides teaching, Sensei really enjoys keeping in touch with her children off island and cooking japanese meals.

Sensei is also the coordinator for the Japan club exchange program with Koryo High School. She first started the exchange program with Shishikui High School in Japan for 20 years, 1995-2005. After the exchange program with Shishikui High, Tinian High started an exchange program with Koryo High School for 10 years, 2005-2016. Her most memorable moments is her trips to Japan with students for the exchange program with Koryo High School. "I love seeing the students on how they change when they come back from Japan, it is amazing," Sensei exclaims.

Sensei is a really amazing teacher who has so many funny memories with students. Her hardwork and undying kindness is much appreciated. Thank you Sensei for everything that you do! Tinian High School loves you!

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