10 Summer Advertising Specialties

Ten Summer-Focused Promos That Your Attendees With Love!

Customized 9 in. Plastic Flyers and Discs (USA MADE!)

Call 401-451-1874 to order or email sales@AdSpecialtyProducts.com

These USA made 9" custom logo plastic flyers are available in 16, that's right SIXTEEN different colors, and all are available custom printed with your company name, company logo, event branding, or whatever your heart desires. These 9 in. plastic flyers are popular giveaways for corporate cookouts, but they are also very successful marketing devices for barber shops. We don't know why, but for some reason, barbershops live to give away custom plastic flyers.

Custom Logo Unisex, Men's, Women's, and Youth Sunglasses

Our last couple orders for promo sunglasses were sent to a dentist's office (kids glasses), and to a law firm to be used at the company outing. We mention this because it shows the wide range of companies that use these great and functional promos in the summertime. Logo sunglasses are also a great idea for travel agents, realtors, resorts, golf courses, and spas to name a few.

Screen Printed Beach Towels and Full Color Sublimated Towels

Most of our towel customers came from other suppliers because they were tired of low quality, scratchy towels. Our custom logo beach towels feel as good as they look!! Feel free to click the picture which will take you to our custom beach towel store to order the corresponding towels.

Promotional Beach Totes, Custom Logo Cooler Totes, Boat Totes, and Carry-All Totes

Our top selling promotional tote bags BY FAR are our grocery totes. They are big, have a HUGE imprint area, and hold a LOT of stuff. What's better for carrying your family's sandy, wet beach towels and toys back from a day full of making memories at the cape or wherever?

When you click the pic below, it will bring you to our entire tote selection, because you need to see all of them to make the most informed decision...because they are ALL pretty sweet.

Custom Embroidered Hats, Caps, and Visors

Every time we forget to wear a hat in the summer, we regret it. I say we, because 3/4 of my friends are in the "shaved head club" because we've lost a ton of hair, or are well on our way. Even if the recipient of your custom embroidered hats keeps it in their trunk, they will think of you whenever they are out and about on a bright sunny summer day and forget their usual hat, and you save them from a nasty burn on the ol' noggin. Click the picture below to view all hats, or contact us for recommendations, because we've seen most of these in person and can suggest the best for your marketing dollars.

Imprinted Promotional Lip Balm

Ahh...Summer. The sun, the breeze, the beverages, the swimming in salt water. All of this sounds amazing, doesn't it? DO you know what part of your body disagrees with all of the above? Your LIPS! Did you ever notice that you end up with dry cracked "crispylips" after a day or even a week at the beach?! Corporate outings and beach events realize this and regularly order custom branded lip balm from Ad Specialty Products. Click below to view a bunch.

Customized Beach Balls

Promotional Beach balls are similar to our promotional 9" fliers in that they come in a ton of different sizes and colors, and all are available with your company logo. Click below to view the entire selection, or call our marketing professionals to describe your project and we will be happy to recommend the best balls for your bucks.

Custom Floating Key Chains and Keytags

I can't be the only person that's ever lost something in deep water. If you've ever stepped on and off of a boat, the angle can make your keys fall out of your pocket. Sometimes when you get a bite on your fishing line, you run to grab your rod and things go flying. It's a fact of life. People appreciate these custom floating key chains, and you will probably see them on your recipient's keys the next time you see the person.

Custom Printed Water Bottles, Tumblers, Cups, and Drinkware

Drinkware is one of our largest categories year round. We love that people are starting to understand the importance of hydration. In our own experience, we find that 90% of the time when we don't feel great, it is because we didn't drink enough water that particular day. Custom water bottles, whether made from plastic, copper, or aluminum, make great gifts and people keep them for a long time. We have everything, from the ultra low budget bike bottle, to the finest brand name drinkware, all available with your branding.

Custom Logo Foot Pump Outdoor Shower Kits

These kits are an AWESOME gift for anything beach or camping related. Order early because they take a MONTH to make, but it's worth it. Just look at them! (click the pic to read more about customized foot pump outdoor shower kits)