The U.S. & Canada

How the two countries are similar



America and Canada have the largest trading variations in the world. This trading relationship between the two countries support millions of jobs. Together the two are improving trade. Canada is a major foreign supplier of the U.S. Both countries have also have the largest investment relationship. America's investment is in Canada's mining, petroleum, chemicals, manufacturing of machinery and smelting industries. While Canada invests in the U.S.'s finance, insurance, manufacturing, banking, information/retail trade, as well as other services. It is shown that both Canada's and America's economy grows together.


According to a recent Gallup Poll Canada is America's favorite foreign country. Both countries have similar in appearance, interests, and pop culture. Canada's popularity as well as its economy are shown to be roughly one tenth of Americas. Their history also has some cultural ties.


The U.S. and Canada's security is highly successful. The two have one of the most important defense and security. This close relationship reveals a close friendship between these countries, due to their common values and economic independence. Recent laws made by Obama now enable the partners to address any threats early, be more strict with border laws/ law enforcement, and improve cyber security. Both nations work together to efficiently conquer new threats to the continent such as Afghanistan.