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Ask Gemini

Dear Gemini,

What do you do if you think someone you know is doing something illegal? Okay, fine it's my daughter. At first I thought it was nothing, I mean girls will be girls. You know the typical hanging out with their friends, coming home a few minutes before curfew. Until one day I decided to come home a little early from work. When I came home loud music was blaring. I stormed upstairs to chastise her about it but when I got closer her I could hear the music clearly. It didn't sound like music from LAMM, it had something else that felt very unsettling. What should I do?


Dear Asker,

I do not understand what you mean by music that is not on LAMM. There is no such thing as unauthorized music, but if I were in your position which would be completely impossible. I would watch her more closely and if necessary I would search her things when she's not home. However, if all else fails I would turn her in and tell the regulators. At least then you can find out if it is something to truly be worried about. The worst senerio is that they set her for a early procedure.


Movie Reviews with Rachel

The topic of today... Delirium.

The ratings are in and I give it ☆☆☆☆.

If you haven't heard of this action packed romance, where have you been for the last three months? I mean who could miss main character innocent-quiet seventeen year-old Lena Halloway, played by Vamipre Academy's very own Zoey Deutch. Who is an average girl just waiting to be fully be accepted by a society where the disease Amor Deliria Nervosa (love) is not permitted and extracted from you through a procedure. Until her evaluation goes terribly wrong forcing her fate to entwine the one and only Alex Warren played by the rebel himself Rami Malek from our beloved show Mr. Robot. Lena's curiosity slowly begins to spark causing her to discover and want things she never thought possible. Such as finding out her once best friend the stunning and angelic Hana, played by Pretty Little Liars Sasha Pieterse, is involved with things that could cause her to a sentence of an early procedure, the Crypts, or the worst outcome of them all, death. What should she do when a procedure she wanted her whole life to finally be considered normal is now in the way of you finding true love in a loveless, emotionless country? If you want to know what happens at the end of this amazing movie that will put you on the edge of your seat the entire time, the please go watch it already.

~Rachel McCain

Regulators or Vicious killers

Regulators say they help keep our country safe and secure and take out all crime but is that really what they want. Last night right before curfew I saw a child trying his best to get home in time. But no no no, the regulators just had to stoped him and beat him to a pulp. What did the regulators really want justice or blood? This would make it more possible of course for them to abuse many of us without our knowing. I mean would you ever go up against regulators? I fear not even i have the courage to, but let me tell you this I would never like to be in any situation where I'm alone with them.

~Victor Price


Alex Warren

Born 2060- Passed 2079

Alex Warren was a son, a true love, but mostly a friend to those that knew him. Though, what many don't know that Alex Warren came to Portland from the Wilds at a very young age working with a Rebellious Group which we have yet to know the name for. Unfortunately, that friend that many of you knew was a spy and invalid that slipped through our system. As many of you have already heard about the pursuit that occurred last night. Yes, your guess is right, Alex Warren and his uncured accomplice were apart of this. Thankfully Warren was shot and killled, but we didn't get as lucky with his companion who survived and escaped. Though let this be a warning to you all, be aware of your friends and enemies.

Help Wanted

If you need a job and your looking for good pay come over to the Stop-N-Save. We could really use the the help but hey if you aren't looking for a job come over anyway and get all your needed nessessities.

~Uncle William

Be Saved

Some traitors tell you the procedure is dangerous. Well the truth is they are wrong this is the safest way to be saved. Our scientist give the procedure with many precautions to guarantee your safety. Did you know Amor Deliria Nervosa kills you off slowly without even realizing it? A few days ago Claire Faris jumped off the roof her building and committed suicide because she "loved". What could be as dangerous as killing yourself? Obviously she was not in her right mind to kill herself, if she had just taken the procedure she would not be dead right now. Be one of the many to be saved before this happens to you.