Technology teens are using

Alyssa pavelka, Anna verduzco

How many teens use the internet

95% of teens use the internet

74% are mobile internet users

what type of electronics teens have

37% of all teens have smartphones only 23% did in 2011

23% of Americans aged 12 to 17 have a cell phone

What teens use online

24% post videos of themselves

91% post selfies on the internet from 79% in 2006

82% post their birthdays

53% post their e-mail address

what social medias teens use most often

1. Facebook- 49%

2.Snapchat- 39%

3.Instagram- 38%

4.Twitter- 26%

5.Pinterest- 8%

Random facts

71% of teens say that they most often use home computers to share with family

56% of teen Facebook users say it’s not difficult at all to manage the privacy controls on their Facebook profile

93% have a computer/ laptop or have access to one at home

60%of teens Facebook users set their profiles to private

92% use their real name on the site they use most often