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The scope of air conditioning and refrigeration courses

The need for air conditioning and refrigeration in today's society is very important. The work done to cool a household or to cool a refrigerator are two areas available to students for exclusive study. Students are provided with higher educational options through air conditioning training and refrigeration course schools.

Education is usually combined allowing students to learn about the field of air conditioning and refrigeration together. Vocational schools do allow students to choose programs in one or the other. The field trains students to work with the technical and electronic sides of air conditioning and refrigeration. As technicians students will have the knowledge to install, manage, and restore all systems that use air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Air conditioning course technicians work on pumps that can cool a home. Because systems like this are in use year round more maintenance is required. Refrigeration technician's work on refrigerating systems and

Students seeking refrigeration and HVAC certification might be interested to learn more about refrigeration's long and colorful history. Refrigerators have come a long way since their invention. Cooling units come in many sizes, too - and have a wide variety of uses.

As refrigeration technologies developed, refrigerators - and later, combined refrigeration-freezer units - became available to middle-class homeowners. Today, fewer than 0.5 percent of people are lacking refrigerators in their homes. Refrigeration is a wonderful asset to food preservation and food-borne illness prevention. It allows people to keep foods like fresh vegetables, meat, and ice cream in their homes, and to safely eat them long after they've bought them.

Refrigeration isn't just used in homes and apartments, though. Across nations, there are vast refrigerated warehouses that store perishables such as produce and meats, prior to shipping. Large trucks have refrigerated interiors, allowing perishable food items to be shipped across long distances.

There are also many industrial uses for refrigeration technologies. Gases such as oxygen must be deeply refrigerated below their boiling points in order to become liquefied. Large industrial refrigerators, personal mini-fridges, soda machines, and coolers are used in offices and meeting centers, large and small.

What do all of the uses of refrigeration have in common? They require skilled technicians to maintain, electrical installation and repair the cooling units, of course! When completing HVAC and refrigeration certification, students are trained to enter a wide variety of interesting careers in the cooling and refrigeration fields.

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