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February, 2015

Welcome to January's newsletter. Please take some time to look at the legislation updates above for your preferred jurisdiction.

There is not much to shout about this month but please be aware of all of the increases in fees by your friendly regulators, registries and planning departments most of which are deemed to be retrospective.

Your KM team is always trying to improve its service to you. We hope you find these updates useful and would be grateful if you could take two minutes to complete a short survey monkey on this KM Updater (please see the link below).


New additions to the Guernsey library:

  • Guide to Islamic Finance

  • Hudson's Building and Engineering Contracts 4th Supplement to 12th Edition

  • Guernsey Law Reports 2013, bound edition

There have been no additions to the Jersey library this month.

Don't forget the Knowledge Management team are here to assist with any research requests you may have, such as:

  • retrieving copies of judgments - especially those hard to find ones!
  • sourcing copies of articles or specific sections from books
  • assisting you with using any of our online resources

CC Precedents

Congratulations in Guernsey to Joe Le Cheminant and Alex Wickens on winning this months precedent prize.


If you wish to receive training on any of our online resources (including the Pink Link), or have any general queries regarding these services, please contact a member of your KM team.

CC Pink Link

Don't forget the CC Pink Link which searches over external resources and CC precedents in one convenient search.


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