Reform Movements


Mental Hospitals

this is were people that don't fit into our society go. to us there crazy but when they go here these people get treated like there in prison.most of them have died while living in these conditions.


these prisons are terrible. we have people who just owe money sitting there with killers and rapest. many of these people will die from sickness and also being killed. these people are need to seperated
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Education is only for people who can afford are we supposed to become a country when half our young ones are not even being tout because they cant afford it. we need to make all schools public so our country can be successful
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in this new country of ours drinking has become a problem. we have men beating there women and children and committing crimes that make them go to jail and ruin there lives and there families live
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Womens rights

women are now equal to men and can help us do more in this country and can help us get on the right track to becoming a great country.
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this was the divider for people who wanted slaves and who did'nt this was a huge problem for our country and divides us to were we have a war over this situation and this could ruin our country
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