Allegan Public Schools

Readers Workshop Learning Round #2

Our morning of learning and collaboration is coming up!

We know through experience and research that effective professional development occurs when teachers are learning from each other! Knowing that time for teachers to embed this into their practice is nearly impossible given the demands of the daily classroom, we have created this opportunity titled "Learning Rounds". We hope you find this time well spent and directly beneficial to your classroom!

Learning Rounds is not a new concept. We have borrowed this model from Harvard's "Instructional Rounds" as a way to build and support teacher collaboration around what individual teachers need. You can read more about Harvard's research and model here.

We invite you to be a part of this morning of learning and collaboration!

Where do I go?

Rogers, Sall, and Heyboer will go to North Ward

Beauregard and Crichton will go to West Ward

Readers Workshop Learning Round #1

8:00 Identify our individual "Problem of Practice"

8:30 Observation

9:45 Debrief

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