Philo Farnsworth

He invented the television

History of the television

Philo Farnsworth was born in Beaver, UT on August 19,1906 and he died on March 11,1971. He was a talented scientist from a young age, having began inventing in grade school. In 1938, he unveiled a prototype of the first all electric television, and went on to lead research in nuclear fusion. Farnsworth was a American inventor.

How Philo Farnsworth a great inventor in the industrial revolution

The television was used for entertainment, news, sports, education.

History of Philo Farnsworth

In high school, Philo Farnsworth asked his science teacher for advice about the television he was working on. The teacher encouraged him to go ahead with his ideas.

In 1924 he applied to the US Naval Academy and earned the nation's second highest score on academy tests. He decided to pursue his television idea but if he stayed in the military the government would own his patents. He decided to be honorably discharged.

He followed his dream and demonstrated his television system to the public in 1938.