Building a Home Gym on a Budget

A barbell and plate set is all that is required to work

Building a Home Gym on a Budget

It is not necessary to spend a small fortune on one of those all in one home gyms to enjoy the convenience and savings of exercising in the spare room, basement, or garage. Setting up compact home gyms are just as effective at much lower pricing. Starting with the basics is easy and eliminates the cost of a gym where equipment is shared by hundreds of other people during the week.

Is It Better?

Many people just assume working out at home will be better than going to a gym so they do not give it much thought. Exercising is successful in any setting when the person is motivated. Some are motivated by the group atmosphere, the socialization, and the variety of expert classes offered at the local fitness center. If that is the case, a home gym will not be better in the long run. Consider your answer to the question of Training At Home vs Training In The Gym?

Getting Started

The first thing to do is decide on a space and take measurements. This will be helpful in every step moving forward. Before getting any type of workout equipment, place flooring down. It is inexpensive and will protect the current floor. It also prolongs the life of home gym components. Look for commercial grade foam in interlocking squares to cover the whole space.


While the latest equipment designed for home use has the benefit of new technology, ergonomic seating, or an entertainment center built into the console, it is not essential for getting in shape. Becoming active after being sedentary, losing weight, and building strength can all be accomplished with classic weight machines for home. That consists of three components, most of which can be found second hand.


A barbell and plate set is all that is required to work the legs, back, shoulder, chest, and arms. These sets are often found on auction websites or at yard sales. A set with an Olympic bar is ideal for stability and safety. There may or may not be a spotter to help at home. Those are seven feet in length so keep that in mind.

A bench is important to get the most from the barbell and plate set. Try to find a used commercial grade one because it will be built to last. A bench that has an incline and decline function is ideal for lifting heavier weights in the future.

The last essential component is a rack. This will take up the most space and be the most expensive equipment. It is vital for safety, just like the Olympic bar. A home gym is ever-changing as the needs and strength of the user change. This is another reason to search for used equipment over new.