Busy Bee's April newsletter !

News & Notes :)

  • don't forget to pack lunchbox with icepack included

  • check daily sheets for any extra diapers/clothes/wipes that may be needed

  • sign your child in and out each day at front desk

  • change out clothes bin with seasonal appropriate clothing

  • dance class with Ms. Denise every Wednesday!!! ten dollars per child :)

  • Circle of friends music with Ms.Felice at the end of this month date TBA !

  • Upcoming Annual art show coming up soon! TBA date sometime in May

  • Thank you everyone for bringing your best smiles to school last week for picture day! they came out wonderful and will be handed out first week of April, if you didn't get a chance to order them that day, you will be givin a form w/ website & proof of childs picture :)

Throughout the month of April...

we will be placing recycling bins in each classroom, please bring in any recyclables you may have to drop in the bin! On Earth Day (April 22nd) we will take a look at all the recyclables we've collected and learn how to re-use them with fun projects :) Spring in here!!!So this month we will also be learning about planting fruits and veggies, our children will be growing their very own plant in class!! Don't forget to ask your children about the caterpillars we have in our classroom, they are sooo amazed at how they are transforming day by day, and they know soon they will be butterflies!