By: Brenna

The Coastal Plains are located in the eastern most part of Texas. It boarders Mexico, the Gulf Of Mexico, Arkansa, and Lousiana. Some natural resources you will find in this region, are trees, many rivers, fertile soil, oil, and natural gas. If you want to visit some of the major cities located in the Coastal Plains . You should visit Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. The physical features are completly flat with rolling hills. If you are in search of a job, a job you should apply for is lumbering, farming, and oil refining. The main crops you should grow are cotton and rice. Some geographic subdivisions are, Piney Woods, Piney Oak Belt, and Black Land Prarie. The climate in the Coastal Plains is hot and damp. This location will recieve tornados and huricans. The Coastal Plains recieve 30-50 inches of rain per year.

*The total population of people located in the Coastal Plains is roughly, 4.5 million people. *