Lowa Lowa worm

By Gavin Grant

Body system or systems affected by this condition or disease (summarize):

The Loa Loa Worm can show up anywhere in the body. It affects all of the systems in the body if it gets in because it eats everything and causes systems to shut down. Many people do not develop any symptoms, and symptoms usually do not show up for many months after infection. You could get itchy and swollen, mostly near your joints. You can develop an eye worm that crawls across the surface of your eye. Sometimes you may see a worm that crawls under your integumentary system.

Onset-How does this condition arise? Accident, genetic issue, environmental issue, etc

bitten by infected deer fly in parts of Africa
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Target population: Who is affected? Give details about the following: Gender (male or female or either?) Age (infants, children, young adults, older adults or no age designations) Ethnicity (is this condition specific to a certain race?)

Loa Loa is only in parts of West Africa in rural villages in southern Cameroon. They found Loa loa prevalence ranged from 2.22% to 19.23% of the population within a village. They also observed higher prevalence rates among males (10.41%) than females (6.45%). The level of infection increased with age for males from 15 to 45 years old and then dropped off dramatically. In females, Loa loa prevalence increased with age from 15 to 65 years old and then decreased.

Describe how the body system works when it is working normally and then explain how this body system is affected by your chosen condition or disease process. For example: lungs normally work this way but with lung cancer....this happens.

muscles help you move when they work normally

muscular system is affected because joints swell after being bitten by flies-makes it hard to move.
Surgery to Remove 8-inch-long Eyeball Worm | Monsters Inside Me

Diagnosis- How is this condition diagnosed? How does a doctor determine that an individual has this condition?

can see worm in the eye or through blood test.

Signs and Symptoms

itching all over your body, muscle pain, joint pain, and fatigue. Blood tests may show high counts of eosinophils,

Treatment for this disease/condition

surgery to remove worm and medication
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Prognosis: What is the morbidity-mortality or life expectancy for someone with this condition?

most people are ok after meds but

if infection is too bad, you can die.


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