Mauri defines Media Literacy

Self guess knowledge on what makes up Media Literacy

What is Media Literacy?

I think media literacy is one’s knowledge of how to read, write, and use technology. Just as I know a lot of younger people in the world are media literates. They know how to read and write; also having proficient knowledge on how to use technology. This generation is of more advanced technology. Media Literacy is also knowing how to use the imagination and create ideas. And those ideas are then established into a media rather it’s a book, magazine, art, music, etc. This modern generation uses all of these media resources. I feel being a media literate is resourceful in these times, but could also become a problem if used too much. Knowing how technology works is a necessity for now days media. Even schools are starting to use more and more technology and in the future I predict that more growing children and teens will be media illiterate when it comes to writing because technology does everything for you. I also predict that there will be more media illiterates who struggle with reading due to lack of reading that is slowly appreciating. The Media System is indeed a powerful one and all sources of information come from it. It first told the American citizens which president was going to be elected in the early 1900's, it also stopped another U.S Submarine ship from being sunken, and etc. Media literacy solely depends on the mind of each person and the many ideas itself are expressed and made into creations.