Lewis Ledger - Week 11

October 21, 2018

Sunny Heights is where everyone is valued and respected. Our vision is to inspire a passion for learning in a student-centered, family friendly environment.

Week 11 - Daily Focus

We are back in business at Sunny Heights Elementary!! Let's make this a great re-start for the year. We have another opportunity to make first "ish" impressions with our students to make the 2nd quarter a great success. Keep working hard to make connections with our students and constantly improving their learning experience!


Shout Out to Kelsey Hopper on her wonderful wedding over break. Kelsey is now Mrs. Kelsey Walters....CONGRATULATIONS!!

Shout Out to our PBIS team for putting together our Booster lessons to help support a great start to the second quarter!

Shout Out to our PTA for working hard over break to secure pumpkins and other supplies for our Fall Fest. Also, looking forward to that chocolate fundraiser!

Shout Out to everyone that reported various areas of concern at the building regarding safety and security. If you see something, say something!

Data Blast

97% - Our goal for student and staff attendance....LET'S DO IT!!

Attendance Status

KG:94.21% 1st: 93.89% 2nd: 93.62% 3rd: 96.14% 4th: 97.54% SH Total: 95.07%

Attendance the last week before Fall Break

Staff Focus and Action Items

PTA Fundraiser The Sunny Heights PTA will be running a chocolate bar fundraiser this fall. Wednesday morning at 9:45am, there will be a kickoff presentation in the gym.

Kick A** Ideas Padlet Please continue to add any ideas you have on what we can do to help foster and promote student achievement growth. Use the padlet to add any ideas on what we can do differently to take us where we want to go!

District Professional Learning Opportunities Here is the link to the calendar of District Learning Opportunities that are available throughout the year. Please check for upcoming events. See Bart or Mercedes with questions.

Announced Observations I have begun Announced Observations. Please send me a preferred date and time (from 10/22 - 12/7) for your Announced Observation. Everyone has access to my Google Calendar so you can see any dates I may be out of the building. I will send you a calendar invite when I am able to confirm the date. Here is the Pre-Observation Form to be filled out prior to the observation. If I have not already scheduled your Announced, I will be doing so this week.

Device Damage Logs Everyone should be completing the digital device log each week at this point. If you are not, I will begin sending you an email reminder. I will be sending reminders to those that are not completing their logs.

Social Emotional Learning Tip of the Week

If you have read this, please read again. What Students Desire to Hear From Teachers is a great complement to our reading of CULTURIZE. The first and most important step in supporting the social emotional learning of our students is connecting with them and making sure they know we care.

Events at a Glance

Week at a Glance - Click on the link to see a view of this week's events (Important PTA events this week!)

Professional Development and Meeting Calendar - click this link to view updated professional development and Wednesday meetings

Remind 101 - here is the link to join our Sunny Heights Remind 101 app for staff announcements



Are we modeling the behaviors that we want to see repeated? At times we adults model the exact same behaviors that we are critical of students when they behave in this manner. What messages are we sending?...via #Culturize

Visuals - Patience

Students (and teachers) have been away for two weeks. We must all have patience with our students, our peers, and ourselves as we begin our journey again!

Resources & Reminders

Tier I Classroom PBIS - Continue to practice PBIS Tier I at the classroom level. Reach out to the committee for questions or clarification. It is very important that we commit to the process and provide consistency for EVERYONE. We will see the results that we are striving for if everyone is committed to being part of the TEAM!

Social Studies & Reading Support - If you would like me to come in to teach a social studies lesson for your class, please let me know a time, day, and topic that would work. Also, let me know if you would like me to come read a story to your class.