Bakery Collage in Delhi NCR

Future of baking schools in India

Do every time you switch on your TV and see mouthwatering dishes being made on shows like Masterchef and humongous cakes, in the various shapes ranging from dinosaurs to castles, being made on Cake Wars, you feel that you not only want to eat them, but also make things like them?Is cooking and baking not only your hobby but your passion? But you feel it’s not practical to make a career out of your passion? If the answer to all the above question is yes, then continue reading.

Gone are the days when cooks and bakers were looked down upon and not considered a primary job. The baking industry in the country has been experiencing a steady growth since the past couple of years and is expected to be worth 40 billion by the end of this year. With international tourism growing, Indians are introduced to a variety of cuisines, and they come back to their homeland looking for the same variety of taste. In the earlier time, to become a baker one had to look for a master and become his apprentice. After years of apprenticeship, learning all the tricks of the trade, one can call himself a baker and move on to open his own shop. In today’s world, becoming a baker is easier than that. There are various culinary courses offered by institutes across the country that can help you turn your dream into reality. A number of institutes have a variety of courses that can help one get started in the baking industry and offer something to suit everyone’s needs. There are various courses like Bakery Technology & Management and Patisserie & Artisan Bakery Craft that are 2-3 years long and equip the students with all the necessary skills required to become a success in the industry. These courses help students learn by providing them with hands-on experience alongside strong theoretical foundation. Another important part of this industry is creativity. These courses not only help you learn the basics of the field but also develop and apply your creativity to the food you create. Other than these long-term courses, these institutes also offer short term bakery course for people who are already well versed with basic culinary skills. One of the most in-demand short term bakery courses is the cake baking course that helps you master the art of baking.

A major prospect of learning baking is opening your bakery, adream come true for many. But running a bakery not only requires expertise in baking, but also management skills. For people looking to go in that direction, many culinary schools offer EDP programs in bakery. EDP, Entrepreneurship development programs not only helps students learn the required baking skills but also the essential skills to start and run a successful bakery business.

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