Curriculum Night Information Sheet

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Welcome to fifth grade at White Eagle Elementary School! As part of the curricular areas we study, it is my goal to help your students become lifelong learners, to strive to do the best that they can, and to think outside the box(higher order thinking skills). I hope to help them become responsible for their work, to be able to respect other students and work well with them, and to increase self discipline. Your role as parents and partners in education is vital. Thank you for your support.

Curriculum Focus


  • Foundational Skills: Focus on Comprehension and Vocabulary

  • Novel Studies/Literature Circles

  • Informational Texts

  • Responding to Text

  • Monthly Genre Study Project

  • The reading framework includes read aloud, shared reading, guided reading, independent practice, and interactive reading.


  • Writer’s Workshop & Writing Process

  • Types of Writing: Informational Research, Narrative, Opinion Writing

  • Grammar Skills

  • Figurative Language

Word Study

Students will study the syllables, structure, and meaning of words. They will use word chunks, vowel sounds, and consonant sounds to spell the words.


Common Core Standards: Focuses on the mastering of concepts and more critical thinking skills. Each standard will focus on an essential understanding and question. Standards can be seen at www.

Social Studies

Focus on: Diversity, Freedom, Equality and Democracy

  • Units: Exploration & Colonization, Revolutionary War & U.S. Constitution, Westward Expansion, and Civil War & Reconstruction

  • Organizers and note taking

  • Individual and/or group projects

  • Nonfiction Reading & Writing

Speaking and Listening

  • Integrated in all subject areas

  • Students will organize and present information that is appropriate to their audience and purpose

  • Use multi-media appropriately to enhance meaning

  • Engage in discussions collaboratively within various settings

My Teaching Approach


This year my goal is for students to have very little if no homework. I feel that it is important for children to bond with their families and work on strengthening that relationship. Students are expected to review the material each night depending on how long they need to fully understand it. Example: If math is difficult for a student, a student might require more time to understand a concept.

Word study lists may require additional home practice, and each child needs to be prepared for the weekly tests. Unfinished work or assignments needing correction are other tasks. If your child has no specific homework, please keep up this habit by using the homework time for reading or practicing math facts. Please see our assignment notebook below.


Calendar: In order to help students see when assignments are due or when quizzes/tests are coming up, I have created a 5N Calendar for them to view. They can view this from Google Classroom under the About tab or from my web site. Parents this is a resource for you to use as well.

5N Shared Folder

Through Google Classroom, as well as my web site the students have access to our classroom folder that has handouts, answer keys, audio texts, and other resources such as word study lists. I would encourage them to use this folder, as it will be updated weekly. You can click on the link to access the calendar.

Student Planners

Students are asked to record their assignments in their Student Planners and carry these in their Take Home folder. Study guides, by either student or teacher, will be sent home before a math, science, or social studies test.

In addition, it helps if your student has a good location in your home to study. Your assistance, when necessary, is greatly appreciated; however I would hope that most of the tasks can be completed independently. Finally, please remind your child to pack up their homework and Student Planner in their backpack the night before to assure a smooth transition from home to school in the morning.

Students who fail to turn an assignment in on time will be reminded that the assignment is late. I will also e-mail the parent to inform them of the missing assignment.


If you know in advance that your child will be absent from school, please let me know as soon as possible so I can prepare materials. I will try to provide work for your child so they will not become too far behind in their studies. However, there will be times when the work cannot be sent home because of the nature of the assignment. If your child is ill, I will send homework with another student. Please use your discretion when having the child complete the assignments.

If you are going on vacation, I will not be able to give you homework before you go. You will receive all of the work when you come back.

If you plan on being gone longer than ten days, I will give you a special vacation form to fill out which you can then can turn into the office.

Academic and Specials Schedule

Classroom Meetings/ Morning Check Ins

Each week we will have a family meeting. The students will discuss the good things that they see happening in the classroom, such as good behavior, friendliness, or one of the good character traits, as well, as concerns they might have. Each morning we try to start with classroom praises. Students are given the opportunity to praise one another.

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Organization/Classroom Jobs

Our classroom is organized into six groups. Students will be working with members of their group when we do experiments, as well as, any other hands-on activities. Students will also be doing academic projects together, such as defining words, working on a presentation, or sharing what they have read. Some students have volunteered to complete jobs that help our classroom run efficiently. Other students have created their own jobs that will allow them to help keep the classroom organized. Some of the classroom jobs include messenger (takes the attendance down to the office), classroom librarian (keeps the bookshelves neat), and mayor (helps lead classroom meetings). By having specific jobs, the students are responsible for doing their part to help the classroom.

When students are in their groups they will be practicing social skills. Learning social skills such as active listening, staying on task, and making sure everyone is contributing will really help students function in groups more effectively. These skills will also carry into the real world as the students get older.

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Our classroom is set up as a family. We have discussed what rules we need to follow in order to be an effective family. These include being responsible, respectful, and having empathy. We have also discussed many more characteristics that make up a good family.

If a student does not follow the rules they will get a verbal reminder, then a warning which will result in he/she having to fill out the Oops! Book. If it continues they will fill out The Form. The Form is a way of getting the student to think about their actions and leads into a discussion between the student and myself. If the behavior continues I will call home to discuss the problem.

On the positive side, the students have individual group points they earn each day. The points are used to purchase privileges in the classroom. We will discuss as a class some of these choices from our menu of choices. As a class the students can earn aliens to take out using the claw. The class will set a goal so that we can work towards something special. Individual students are rewarded for their good behavior. They will have the opportunity to choose prizes out of the treasure chest. Together we work as team to help create a caring environment that teaches responsibility and lifelong manners.

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Grading Scale

92-100 A

90-91 A-

88-89 B+

82-87 B

80-81 B-

78-79 C+

72-77 C

70-71 C-

68-69 D+

62-67 D

60-61 D-

<59 F

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Information About Assessment


On any major tests that have scores lower than 70%, I will write a comment that requires a parent signature on it. Please review this test with your student, sign it, and return it the following day. With the online grading feature and Google Classroom, you will be able to see what assignments you son/daugther is missing. If there are more than one assignments he/she is missing, I will communicate that via e-mail.

Ways of Assessment

Reading: daily work, journals, skill based activities, independent reading, conferences, assessment tasks

Math: daily work, quick checks, explanation of problem solving strategies, quizzes, unit tests, assessment tasks

Writing: final drafts, shorter pieces, editing, assessment tasks

Word Study: weekly tests , daily work, application, activities, assessment tasks

Science/Social Studies: daily work,essays, quizzes, tests, assessment tasks

Speaking/Listening: daily work, assessments

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Each child should always have a book available in his/her bookbox at their desk for independent reading. They can read books from the classroom library, their own books, or books checked out from the LMC. Please keep an eye out for books that are labeled “Nickel,” and please return them to our classroom library when they are done being used.

Book club order forms will be sent home. You are under no obligation to order. We add to our interest in reading and help our classroom library grow by this program. It takes about three weeks for the books to arrive after the orders are placed. All orders can be done online and the information for that will be provided.

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Contact Information

If you ever have a concern or a question, please feel free to call me.

I will try to call you back after 3:35 P.M.

If you have a question about:

Grades, then please send me a message via ThinkWave or please send me an e-mail.

If you have a question about a reminder I sent, please respond via Remind.

Anything Else: Please contact me via e-mail or via phone.

I encourage students to take responsibility by asking questions themselves. They can contact me at or ask questions on Google Classroom. Students will have e-mail addresses through the school in which they can use to contact me.

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